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Testimonials from parents

-My son started Pikake School when he was 3 years old. He loves Pikake School so much that he wakes up every morning to check if it is his school day to Pikake.

I feel very comfortable leaving my son in Pikake School because the school values each child's individuality and watches over his growth with warm eyes. I am very happy to have found Pikake School.  A.T

-Compared to last year, I feel that Pikake School is not only a place where my daughter can spend time with her favorite friends and teachers, but also a place where she can learn how to make decisions and learn independently, how to deepen her learning, and how to respect not only herself but also others around her. I believe that the many things she gained at Pikake School will be a great support for her life in the future.    A.G

-My daughter loves Pikake’s hot lunch! She told me what she had for lunch every day. She told me, “Mommy, Pikake makes good and yummy food than at home!” What should I do after she graduates lol?   J.S

-My son used to be at a local daycare center and we found big differences. I think that Montessori education is the best for my son's growth in terms of thinking, making decisions by himself, logical thinking, a positive attitude toward new things, etc....

To my surprise, he has learned all the hiragana, which we do not teach at home, and has begun to read aloud Japanese signs and books. They find learning fun.

I am very happy that he is building a positive attitude toward in his learning.

Above all, I am very grateful to Ms. Maple for patiently and warmly guiding my naughty son and to Kozue-sensei for always being there to talk to him.  Y.N

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