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Experimenting in Lab

2.5 - 3.5 Years Old (Japanese Class)

Pikake's Early Preschool is a stepping stone before going to Montessori's primary class. Aiming at independence in terms of physical and emotional aspects, we focus on basic daily practical life exercises (including using the bathroom, putting on and taking off their clothes and shoes, greetings, etc.) and sensory materials at a child’s own pace. Early preschool class also has early numbers and pre-reading and pre-writing activities. Children will also enjoy creative activities such as art projects, music and movements, and cultural learning along with monthly theme unit study.


Care for yourself: Laundry, washing dishes, using the toilet, eating etiquette, putting on and taking off clothes, etc.

Care for environment: Cleaning, preparing snacks, caring for plants, etc.

Large and small motor skills: walking on a line, carrying water, grabbing, transferring items, using utensils, art activities, etc.

Language: Name objects, discuss about pictures, listen to stories, engages in
conversations, music, singing, etc.

Social skills: Learn manners and compassion from interacting with friends and teachers, simple group games, etc.

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