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The heart of Pikake’s excellent program is our dedicated, knowledgeable, and loving faculty.
Pikake School is looking for a new team member:

Who has passion to create an authentic childhood
Who is healthy and wants to share the importance of a healthy mind and body 
Who has a sense of humor and likes laughing with children
Who has experience and interest in Montessori education
Who celebrates art, music, and culture
Who would like to continue learning with children, families, and community
Who is nurturing, kind, and creative

If you embrace these qualities, please fill out the contact form below.
Pikake School’s Professional Development
Our children are full of unlimited possibilities to learn, and we as adults also have the same unlimited possibilities to learn. Pikake School is a place where you can grow and achieve your goals and dreams through guiding children, contributing to increased harmony and health of families and community. We will provide professional development opportunities such as training and coaching. We hope you shine as a teacher in Pikake School and would like to join our ohana (family)!

Inquire About Open Positions:

Thanks for your interest in Pikake. We'll get back to you shortly.

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