Pikake School’s PICNIC Values


Peace – Cultivate a peaceful mind to build a peaceful world


Inspiration – Celebrate inspiration


Creativity – Honor unique ideas and creativity


Nurturing hearts – Nurture hearts and mindfulness


Imagination –Spread the wings of imagination


Community – Open the doors to global community



Our Image of the child, families and teachers

The child as a powerful being, communicator and collaborator

The families as partners in the learning process

The teacher as a guide, researcher and nurturer


Aloha Influence

Our school name “Pikake School” is inspired by the small, white Pikake jasmine flower from Hawaii. 

Each Pikake flower is lovely and fragrant on its own, but when dozens of these flowers are brought together into a lei,

the result is a beautiful joining of petals and a scent that embodies happiness. 

A Pikake lei is a cherished Hawaiian lei: a beloved expression of unity and joy.


Our wish at Pikake School is that each child will grow into a kind and thoughtful individual, as well as someone who lives

in harmony with the global community.


We have been inspired by Aloha style in both our philosophy and classroom design. Our environment is cozy and

home-like to celebrate a nurturing environment where the children feel encouraged to learn and blossom as individuals

and as supportive teammates to one another.  We embrace and value our community of students, parents, teachers and volunteers as Ohana, the Hawaiian concept of family whose members come together to support each other and work in unison to accomplish more as a group than one person can alone. 


We strive each day to demonstrate the Aloha spirit in all our interactions with the children, parents and the Pikake School community.



Peace – 平和的にものごとをとらえ、人との関係を築き

Inspiration – インスピレーションに敏感で

Creativity – クリエイティブに自分から表現する力をもって

Nurturing Heart – 心を豊かにたがやして

Imagination – 想像力の羽をひろげて

Community – グローバルコミュニティで活躍できる人に