The heart of Pikake’s excellent program is our dedicated, knowledgeable and loving faculty.

Pikake School is looking for a new team member!

 Who has passions to create an authentic childhood

 Who is healthy and enjoys eating

 Who has sense of humor and likes laughing with children

 Who has experience and interest in Montessori education

 Who celebrates art, music and culture

 Who would like to continue learning with children, families and community

 Who is nurturing, kind, and creative

If you find one of these qualities, please connect with us


Pikake School’s Professional Development

Our children are full of unlimited possibilities to learn, and we as adults also have the same unlimited possibilities to learn. Pikake School would like to be a place where you can grow and achieve your goals and dreams through guiding children, creating an authentic childhood, contributing to increased harmony and health of both families and community. We will provide professional development opportunities such as training and coaching. We hope you shine as a teacher in Pikake School and join our ohana /family!



・ すてきな子ども時代を創るお手伝いに情熱的な人

・ 健康で食べるのが好きな人

・ よく笑い、子どもと笑うのが好きな人

・ モンテッソーリ教育の体験、興味のある人

・ 特技をいかしたい人

・ 思いやりがあってクリエイティブな人

・ そして子ども達、ご家族、地域と共にずっと学んでいきたいなぁと思っている人