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Pikake School supports our families, our educators and visiting educators in a number ways:

- Montessori Curriculum workshop

- Seminars and workshops by specialists

- Family events,

- Parents Night-out, etc


Here are some examples of our workshop & training opportunities.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® Training 

1 Day Workshop (1-2 hours)


The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) is a curriculum for building relationships. We support adults in relating to children in ways that guide them to use their energy successfully and positively. Through the NHA, children come to see their energy as fuel for greatness.

The NHA provides a practical method to support parents in making children feel seen, noticed and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the family. It increases connectedness, decreases family stress, and moves parents out of destructive cycles of increasingly punitive discipline. More details about the Nurtured Heart Approach.


Parenting Workshop by Adler Psychology

Alfred Adler developed Individual Psychology, which helps people feel more happiness and fewer conflicts in their life if they notice their choices. Adler believed that all behavior is purposeful, but  we often not aware of it. The relationships between  adults and children is a significant key for their life-style and independence. This workshop helps us practical methods of encouragement and theory so we can spend more fun and happy time with your child.


– モンテッソーリカリキュラム教具説明会

– おうちでモンテッソーリ講習会

– スペシャリストによるセミナーやワークショップ

– ファミリーイベント(ピクニック、ペアレントナイト) など


The Nurtured Heart Approach®

ピカケスクールではスタッフのコミュニケーショントレーニングの一部としてナーチャードハートアプローチ(心を育てるアプローチ)を導入し実践しております。子どもの心の豊かさを育て、ポジティブな子育て法としておすすめです。ストレスを減らし、子どもとのコミュニケーションや子どもとの絆を強くする実践的な方法が学べます。The Nurtured Heart Approach





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