Enrichment Classes

- Kids Yoga and gymnastics Class


With a different theme each time, children will enjoy yoga through stories and games. Various other activities such as mat exercises and balance beam are included. Physically, yoga helps enhance childrens' core, balance, flexibility, and immunity. Mentally, yoga helps children learn mindfulness through conscious breathing, making it easier to control their emotions, and build their confidence. Children will learn and exercise using their whole body!

- Soccer Class 


This class helps children learn the basics of soccer in a very active way! Children will work on their fitness, balance, and reflexes in this class. Additionally, they will learn how to pass a soccer ball and learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

Reggio, Bellevue, Bilingual School

Pre-Ballet Class 


This class helps children develop flexibility and sense of rhythm by stretching and learning simple steps. Main goal for this class is for children to feel the joy of dancing to music while learning the basics of ballet such as beautiful posture and proper use of the body.

- Pikake Abacus Class (Teacher is from Math Abacus School of Seattle)


This is a class where children will use various parts of their brains to become more comfortable with numbers and calculations starting at a young age. They will also acquire important virtues such as perseverance and concentration.

- STEM Lego Class


Using lego blocks, we will spark childrens' desires to build, to explore, and to discover. Children will learn how to use their creativity to their advantage under the supervision of an instructor. They will develop skills such as deeper thinking, expanding imaginations, and concentration.